Sunday, February 10, 2008

McKenna and Reid in their Clean House

Stratford vetrans Seana McKenna and Fiona Reid begin previews tomorrow for The Clean House at the Bluma Appel Theatre in Toronto.

In an interview with Richard Ouzounian, the girls talk about the play (by Sara Ruhl), their roles, the 1982 Shakespeare 3 company at Stratford in which they first met, and each offer some high praise for the other.

An excerpt:

Reid answers the question, What do you think the play is trying to say, ultimately?

"I think perhaps the play is asking its characters to stretch beyond what they perceive themselves to be capable of in their lives, to exceed their limitations and expectations and ultimately to act with compassion. The Clean House challenges the assumptions we make about ourselves and others."

McKenna answers the question, Do you feel your method of working on a role is different from hers?

"I would have to have a method to answer that question. Perhaps a director watching us could answer with accuracy. I do know that we are both hard workers and feel a great responsibility to the playwright. And we speak in shorthand when discussing a choice or a move or an intention. We know what the other is attempting, and can support each other quite effortlessly, often without words. We've got about 60 years experience between us, so that helps. (Fiona has more, of course.)"

Read the entire interview, in which they exchange questions.

In this season at Stratford, Seana McKenna will have roles in The Trojan Woman and Fuente Ovejuna; and Fiona Reid will appear as Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn in The Music Man.

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