Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Webcast for March 12

This Wednesday Webcast is over, but you can look forward to the archived version tomorrow, and enjoy these highlights in the meantime:

-- General Director Antoni Cimolino takes us on a backstage tour of Cabaret (2008), emphasizing the millinery and costume departments;

-- We meet company members Jewelle Blackman (from Toronto; her most recent run was in We Will Rock You, during which she met Evan Buliung) and Sam Strasfeld (this is his third season, following four at the Shaw Festival);

-- During the question and answer session, Bruce Dow admits he's "never been an actor afraid of going out on a limb", and then proceeds to discuss the frightening freedom in preparing for his role as the Emcee (a character who is not defined in the original script);

-- Plus, find out what Cimolino says "blew his mind"!

DON'T FORGET: past webcasts are available online, too, and feature director Peter Hinton talking about The Taming of the Shrew (2008) and actor Peter Donaldson talking about Romeo and Juliet (2008).

NEXT WEDNESDAY: Stars Gareth Potter and Nikki M. James join the second webcast on Romeo and Juliet (2008). Already know what you want to ask? Ask a question in advance.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering... do you happen to work for the Festival or do you compile this blog as a hobby?

A. W. Gray said...

It's a wonderful, wonderful hobby.

Anonymous said...

okay---just checking. I work for the theatre... maybe they should put you on payroll! heh