Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rehearsing The Music Man

If you missed yesterday's live webcast, or want to watch it again, it is now available in the archives and on the Stratford Shakespeare Festival's YouTube channel (the following links are specific to YouTube).

After a brief introduction of our host, General Director Antoni Cimolino, and guests, Leah Oster and Jonathan Goad, part one gives us a pre-taped interview with director Susan Schulman.

Part two begins on the stage of the Avon Theatre, where designer Patrick Clark shows us a surprising number of set pieces. Then it's back to the studio for audience questions. Leah Oster discusses her work history and the audition process; Jonathan Goad bandies with himself about the differences between Shakespeare and musical theatre; and they both gush about their costumes.

The question-and-answer period continues in part three. Oster and Goad talk about their characters falling in love, kissing on stage, preparing for their roles. There's also a sneak preview of Goad's rapping talents.


NEXT WEDNESDAY: Ian Lake and Stacie Steadman on Love's Labours Lost (2008).

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